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LET IT SHOW PRODUCTION is a Russian production company. We create unique musical shows in 3D format. The company provides a full cycle of life of the projects: from the concept to the presentation and hire. At the moment in Moscow and St. Petersburg, on a regular basis,we are playing 2 shows: Pola Negri and Romeo and Juliet. Our projects are the only one, created with the original 3D technology, audience watch the shows in 3D glasses and completely immersed in the exciting world of our productions.
In 2013, our first production was the 3D musical show Pola Negri, which became a legendary musical and deservedly loved by the audience in St. Petersburg and Moscow. In 2014 we released the world premiere of Hi-TECH musical Romeo and Juliet.
How does the 3D technology works in the theater?
To create a three-dimensional space and virtual sets we use video content in 3D format. The creation of the content is time-consuming preparatory stage, the joint work of producer, director, artists, animators and most modern computers for rendering three-dimensional image. Our partner in the creation of 3D content is a European studio "Platige Image".
Directly during the shows for the display of the video content on the big screen we use technology Dolby 3D. The technology provides the highest image quality and the ability to use the rear projection of the three-dimensional image. Using rear projection allows us to get rid of the shadow of the artists and real scenery.
In the technology Dolby 3D we use passive polarized glasses, which the viewers get at the entrance to the hall.
During the show we use modern dynamic lighting devices Robe, therefore, in some moments the audience feel like visiting a super star pop concert, but not in the theater hall at all.
When using the modern stage lights and film projection in 3D format it is necessary to provide relatively large brightness of the picture on the screen. Therefore, during the shows we use two of the most powerful projectors of the cinema/theater line Christie. Projectors of 7 KW each provide a total light output of about 70,000 lm.
For the total immersion to the world of the show the surround sound system is installed in the concert hall. For precise positioning of the sound source, we use digital processing by the device TiMax. This device is used in many modern productions of the world and, together with the L-Acoustics systems enables the sound engineer to translate ideas on the site quickly.
In addition to that we have a team of movie stuntmen. Our shows are filled with trick number, such as flying a real motorcycle in the virtual world of 3D images.


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